Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aloha NYC

I did it.

I booked a trip to New York! I can't WAIT!

I have a group of gorgeous friends that have set up shop over there so can't wait to get a tour from them and spend a few days living like a New Yorker.

New York is the one city in the world that I have always dreamt of visiting but have just never got there. So I booked. I booked so that I am there to celebrate my last birthday in the 20's.

 It is weird though as most movies, TV shows, books are set in the great city. I hope it lives up to all my expectations.

I also booked in a little stop over on the way for some R&R in Hawaii. Yes I know - spoilt. BUT it is on the way!!

I am already craving the mix of sunshine, beach time and then celebrations in the great city.

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