Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dyptique Love

I am a candle addict. Yep. Completley addicted. The unfortuante problem about my addiction is that I am not addicted to any candles, just the expensive ones. And, boy oh boy is their a difference. You can smell a cheap candle a mile away. My addiction and true candle love is for Dyptique.

My first Diptyque experience occured years ago when we organised a PR launch where each editor was given a candle as a gift. I too was lucky enough to recieve one. I will never forget lighting it only for special occasions.

I then went to the stunning store in Paris. The Dyptique homeland in St Germain. So, so beautiful. I treated myself to one then and still only lit it for special occasions. When I was in London I worked at the PR agency who represented Diptyque. I felt like I was working with a serious celebrity. I was starstruck.

So my Dyptique obsession is still around and I have just found a genius idea (above) on how to really get the most out of my candles! Addict indeed.

Images via: Pinterest and Diptyque

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  1. I'm a few mm from finishing my diptyque, and I'm kind of excited to use it to store something!