Friday, March 30, 2012


I have the greatest soft spot for Gwyneth Paltrow. From the early days of seeing her in Great Expectations to watching her lose her dad and start a wonderful blog, I have always been intrigued and inspired.

I will never forget reading Goop one day when she wrote that her Dad took her to Paris when she was young and said to her "I wanted you to see Paris for the first time with a man who will love you forever, no matter what." This made me sob and sob. Such a beautiful relationship and something my Dad would say too.

I was sent this inspiring photo today and it made me realise why I like Gwyneth so much.

Ahh makes us all feel human!

Keep up the great work Miss Paltrow.

Images via: Pinterest

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boy Away

The boy is away this week on a trip with his friends so I have, for the first time in years, had the place to myself. It is amazing how much I am embracing it.

Fresh flowers are everywhere, the apartment is very tidy and every opportunity I get, a beautiful candle is lit.

You forget that when you are young you spend forever having a room to yourself and then gradually as the years go on, you cohabit without even realising.

So this week, I am getting organised. Sorting jewellery, bringing out my winter woolies (I feel like it is already much colder) and cooking healthy dinners.

Of course, I can't wait for him to get home but until then, I am embracing the quiet and catching up on all the things I love.

Images via: Pretty Stuff and Bella Mumma

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

Love this.

This weekend I am off to the beach for my cousins wedding.

Always interesting getting all of the family together from across the country and flying in from all over the globe.

The pencil I am taking inspiration from is Afternoon Naps. The others will come after I have caught up on my sleep.

Image: via Bella Mumma

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleepy Monday


Monday has really hit me.

I feel like I am getting old and bouncing back from lots of celebratory engagements is taking its toll.

Once the colder months hit, the parties and weddings will subside and the much needed rest will begin.

In the meantime, I might just have to nap under my desk!

Images via: Pinterest and Coco Kelley

Friday, March 16, 2012

Blow Wave Addiction

I am addicted. I am in love with the hairdresser and having big bouncy hair. Help!

The probably with having a blow wave is that your hair looks so much better than when you come to doing it yourself it is just a dissapointment.

Anyway - perhaps a trip to the 'hot roller' shop could help break my expensive addiction.

Images via: Bella Mumma, Pinterest and Nantucket Youth

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beach Rain

Our holiday away to the exotic beach to live out the last few days of summer was great but I hadn't quite prepared for the rain we endured. 5 straight days of torrential rain took away the tropical charm and relaxing beach days I was so excited for.

Instead the books and magazines got a great work out as did the local restaurant and snuggling into bed.

As with all trips away with friends the fun times out weigh the relaxing ones so I feel like I need a holiday to get over the holiday. All in all, a fabulous trip, am now dreaming about Easter down at the beach.

Images via: Coco Kelley and Bohemian Vibes